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Anonymous asked
25. Been on some dates with guys, never kissed one, never any serious attraction to one. Seriously dated one girl for several years, the first person I ever kissed. We're no longer dating. My parents don't believe I'm a lesbian/truly like girls. They say I just haven't found the right guy yet. Should I seriously date guys just to prove to my parents I don't like them? To prove to myself that I'm sure? Girls don't usually date girls to prove to themselves they're straight. So why doubt myself?

An ex of mine went to a guy after we broke up for those reasons. When we got back together she told me she regretted it and she didn’t like it…. I don’t know if she just said that because it killed me or because she felt that way….but I think you shouldn’t do things to prove things to your parents. You’re not 17, you know what you like. If you need to prove it to yourself, that’s different but don’t do it for others.

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25. My girlfriend is built, muscles and nice arms and core and I'm not as much. When we have sex she likes to pull on my stomach and thigh fat and squeeze it and it makes me feel horribly fat. She tells me she love the way it feels and it a huge turn on for her. We talked plenty of times about it and in not sure if I'm being too self conscious. How can I deal with it because I want to make her happy like she makes me

I’d feel horrible if someone was tugging at my insecurities….If you turn it around you might ask why she’s not choosing to make you feel comfortable over her own sexual pleasure. It’s your body, you get to say how is touched or not. When there is more trust between you then maybe you might not feel insecure around her. …until then, sex should be an enjoyable experience. Speak up.

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Well maybe a few hours... And as i said I new to this and not really sure how to work it.. Well Lucy, what's your favourite genre of films?

suspense, indie comedy, and sci fi 

in that order

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Hey, Your outlook on people's questions is very intriguing. I'm new to this (tumblr) and came across your page and been reading it most of the day. You certainly have my attention! Very much intrigued with you, could i know your name?

Thanks for reading. My name is Lucy….which is everywhere. You sure you’ve been “reading the whole day”? Lol

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Hi-I'm in need of some advice. I've just recently come to terms with being bisexual to myself and I'm telling some of my closest friends when I see them next, but I don't really want to tell any of my family. Do I need to tell them? I don't really have a close relationship with them and I don't particularly care to involve them in this aspect of my life, but I feel like I'm supposed to-so what should I do? (female 16)

You don’t need to share that with anyone you don’t want to. Period.

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Okay so I'm gay and I can't come out to my parents 'cause they're old fashioned people, but I've been giving them hints that I am gay. and they would just ignore it. I need help. please. oh and u r awesome!! thank you for the cool advices you've been giving. :)

So you want THEM to do the work and pick up the hints? If only it were always that easy.

Sometimes you need to be blunt. If you’re truly ready then you need the conversation. If you’re not ready, then keep hinting. They’ll put it together one day when you’re ready to tell them.