Just going through life gay....

I'm LucyX. 27 from San Diego, CA. Single ;)

INTJ Personality.



Thank you!  It was driving me crazy.

Thank you! It was driving me crazy.

French Speakers

Can anyone tell me (in French) what she’s saying before she starts the song? I keep trying but I just can’t catch the words. It’s one sentence.


alltheboyslovemandylane asked
dreaming is usually just your brain going through old memories and reprocessing them so don't worry it's totally normal it's just a way that your brain deals with such big emotional memories when they happened not such a long time ago

Well they happened a long time ago lol…Damn dreams. They always get me.


Yeah that makes sense. Thanks!

Yeah that makes sense. Thanks!

What does it mean when you dream about your ex?

It wasn’t a sex dream, just totally normal where we were a couple watching TV. Can’t remember the rest.

I think it’s that time of life

…The time where I really have to look into buying a condo. I feel so old. Don’t even have a wife yet. I need to consider my age and children as well, can’t be too old when I’m having kids. Adulthood creeps up on you.

Anonymous asked
since 3 years i'm in love with that one girl. we lost touch for six month but met again 2 months ago. sometimes i sleepover at hers after a night out and we have sex. i think i want more than "just" sex, but i don't know if she wants. afraid to ask

No risk no reward. Simple as that.

Anonymous asked
I'm 21, and my gf is 21 we've been together almost 4 years, and she's cheated on me, a few times. we've worked through them, all and are currently working through this one. I feel it's possible to move on and be stronger. What do you think of couples working through infidelity? Do you think it's possible?

I think it’s possible but after multiple instances I think they’ve showed you their true colors. At some point you are just putting up with being treated badly and disrespected.

its-n0thing-personal asked
I'm 16 and out to my bestfriend. I then told another girl at a party because she was openly gay so I thought she'd understand. Turns out she has started outing me and now we're arguing I'm worried she might out me even more. What do I do and how do I react IF she does?

Bring angry might make her do it more. Politely tell her that it’s a private matter and to please keep it to herself. If she doesn’t, well it’s a lesson learned.

If gay people are exactly like everyone else than gayness is nothing special. Being doesn’t endow someone with anything special. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they “get you”, that they are good people, that they are nice, or that they won’t screw you over. Choose who you trust on their character not their gayness.