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I'm LucyX. 27 from San Diego, CA. Single ;)

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-how know girls gay?

Vagina touch. If gay, t… [click for more]

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21, hola espero estes de lo mejor gracias por todos los consejos que das :) Soy lesbiana mi mamá a lo sabe y no lo acepta y yo respeto su decisión pero estoy cansada de que siempre me critique por mi forma de vestir de como soy

Ella tiene el derecho a criticar como tu tienes el derecho a que no te importe. Tienes que decidir que su opinion en ciertas cosas no importan.

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18. Ok so I like this girl and she's a butch. So everytime we kiss she tends to put her hands on my waist or grab my ass. I normally just put my arms around her neck but I don't want to do that everytime..I don't feel comfortable grabbing her face and I deffinately don't want my arms to hang. What else can I do?

You can put your hands anywhere. In her waist and ass too. Her back…..like wherever lol

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How to move on?

Step one way in any direction. Congratulations, you moved on from your previous location.

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16. You probably get asked this all the time but what do you find most attractive and least attractive in a person?

+) Smarticles and a value system
- ) Complainers/Defeatism/Stupidity/Religious

P.S. to last anon

Why would you be attracted to someone that would tell another person they’re fat and ugly? I’m blunt and straightforward and I’d never do that to someone. Anyone who is purposefully unkind is not worth the time of others.