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I'm LucyX. 27 from San Diego, CA. Single ;)

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Anonymous asked
Hey. 21. I'm wondering if girls usually expect the more feminine person to make the initial move or anything since it's a little more difficult to tell if they're gay or not. I'm really feminine, kinda shy and a lot gay. But since I'm really feminine, I feel like girls may not come up to me first because they're unsure.

I don’t expect it but if a girl that’s my type went about it first I’D BE SOOOOO HAPPY! If you are able to, go for it. 

Anonymous asked
15 yr old. I feel pathetic asking for advice but I feel that I really need some. My girlfriend and I have been going strong for a while now. She makes life worth living and I love her. But lately things have been rough. She doesn't express herself anymore and we can't have a decent convo. I feel like she's not trying. The other day she took pills and told my bff that she wanted to be with her. When I confronted her about it she said it was a mistake. It hurts to be w/ her and it hurts w/o her.

You need to do the healthiest thing. A person who abuses medication isnt in a position to be in a relationship. If she’s a teenager taking pills for recreational use, she’s not in a position to be in a relationship. 

Relationships have endings sometimes. Its hard to admit. It’s not nice. It feels like your world is falling apart…but you’ll make it through.

Make the good healthy decision. You dont deserve someone who makes you feel bad and you dont deserve someone who declares themselves to others and you dont deserve someone who you cant speak with.

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Hey Lucy, I'm 16 My best friend came out last year and we are cuddly and holding hands but jokingly and I'm not sure if I should tell her I actually like her even though we joke about having a. Real actionable all the time, our friendship group always makes snide remarks about us being together "secretly" but she doesn't ever seem offended. I really like her but I'm so scared it would ruin our friendship and I'm straight so how will it even work between us successfully? Please help if you can

This is about having your cake and eating it too…think of it this way, if she really means that much to you, do you want to emotionally confuse or hurt her? You know you’re not gay. There is no way forward that doesnt hurt. her.

On your side, there is no way forward that will ever be totally fulfilling to you because you’re straight. You have to make the right choice even though its the hard one.

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Hey! I rly like the advice u give jw ur option on something.. I'm a girl recently realizing I'm attracted to girls and not just guys.. And me and one of my best friends (girl who is straight) are super tight and she's pretty affectionate but one night were going to sleep and she is super cuddly and like puts her hand in btw my thighs and like rubs/touches my v area and then keeps her hands in btw my thighs..Was she hitting on me?

You’re 24 and 26? Dude that’s weird. It had to be sexual. There is no un-sexual way that an adult puts their hand on the crotch of another adult in a platonic manner.

Hello bff, let me platonically put my hands in between your thighs….THAT DOESNT HAPPEN LOL

I dont know if she was hitting on you but that’s not platonic.

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you a cooooolaydaaay

Thank you Mucho much

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18. Lesbian. In a happy, serious relationship with a girl. But lately I've been feeling strong, sexual (not emotional at all) feelings for a guy in my class. And I don't have any kind of feelings for other guys. Although I used to - and I used to have a major crush on the guy in my class 2 years ago. What is going on? What should I do?

I don’t know what’s going on with you. Maybe you clinged to a label too quickly. No matter what the reason is, it’s ok to have those feelings. It’s completely normal. Don’t live your life differently simply to conform to any label.